Figure Skating

Whether you are a first time skater or an aspiring Olympian, the Blue Ridge Figure Skating Club offers instructional classes for your specific skating level. Weekly lessons are taught by highly qualified members of U.S. Figure Skating and The Professional Skaters Association. Our Learn to Skate follows the U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program. This Program consists of a comprehensive lession /evaluation structure that is exciting, rewarding, safe and fun. Within no time, you will be gliding effortlessly across the ice. Participation in Blue Ridge Figure Skating Club and U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned events are offered to all group lesson participants, (exhibitions, competitions, shows, etc.)

Check for lessons for beginners.



Checking in at Office Window – Prior to taking the ice skaters must sign in and pay. Skaters must enter and exit the ice promptly for their session(s).

Respect Right of Way – First priority is to be given to skaters practicing programs. Students in private lessons have second priority. All other skaters please refrain from skating through the path of programs and lessons.

Be Resourceful – Use your ice session wisely by skating during your session and not standing around or talking. This also presents a hazard to other skaters.

Make Way for the Lutz – Skating jumps are frequently performed in the corners of the rink therefore, please try to avoid long term practice in the corners.

Courtesy and Safety – Always be aware of your surroundings. Being courteous and respecting the “Right of Way” will help to insure a safe and happy freestyle session for all skaters.



All times are subject to change or cancellation

Please visit the Revolution Ice Centre Rink Calendar for the most current days and times for Freestyle.


All skaters must leave the ice at the listed end times, our Learn to Skate program needs the ice surface for group lessons