RAPIDSHOT Opens at Revolution Ice Centre

RAPIDSHOT Opens at Revolution Ice Centre – PIITSTON, PA – Mark Payerl, Director of RapidShot North America and Walt Payerl, President of RapidShot North America visited Revolution Ice Centre today to meet with rink management and WBS Knights coaches to unveil their RapidShot unit.  In this day and age of high tech and every advantage money can buy for a sports team, Revolution has given their customers a new training device like only the pros and high level college programs are using. Rapidshot measures the players’ speed in accepting the pass, their velocity in shooting the puck and their accuracy in hitting targets. 

“You work on quickening reflexes and you work on your shot and getting it off quicker,” says Chad Behrens, Revolution’s General Manager. “There are many different settings, programs and options to play alone or in competition. It is a great tool.  It tracks you and your trends, if you’re getting more accurate, which one is your weakest corner to pick, and different things like that,” says Behrens. “I think it is a the best training device in the world to work on your accuracy, pass handling and speed.”

Developed in Germany, and popular in Russia, the company was purchased by Walter Payerl of Michigan, who saw its use both as a tool for the developing minor hockey player, for scouts, for pros and for players coming back from injuries.

“If a player has a baseline, and we know he could shoot 70 miles an hour before his injury, what his reaction time was, and now he’s not able to do that, we have specific data,” says Payerl. “For concussive injuries, we’re able to show players and trainers the difference in their pure physical reaction time.”

As importantly, it’s fun. The company’s website tracks every shot for every shooter (about 100 million shots from 100 machines worldwide so far) and can crown champions. 

But several NHL and college teams including Pittsburgh Penguins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Buffalo Sabres, Ohio State, Notre Dame and Penn State have their own and keep their data private.  It is morphing into a scouting tool used by the top scouts in the country.

“It’s good for all levels,” said Payerl. “The people who have the quickest improvement are 10 to 18 year olds. They’re going through accuracy, strength, stamina and finesse improvements. RapidShot is also able to improve hockey stick selection based on real performance data. Choosing the proper curve and lie is difficult with today’s choice and variety of sticks. RapidShot can enable players to make decisions that can immediately benefit their game.”